Zanardi Alessandro

His helmets, but not only, are in our hands since 1990. The biography of Alex Zanardi (but we call him Sandro, just to clarify) is complex: in addition to everything he did behind the wheel of covered and uncovered wheels , all that has surpassed, founded, demonstrated, there is even more. Alex Zanardi is a great athlete and a companion of thoughts: when he is there nothing goes to the surface. Words, gestures, stories have one more meaning: it drives you to go deep. To get involved, as he does every day. Not for nothing is a symbol of integrity, consistency, strength and tenacity, and the fact that it is our ambassador is an honor, but also a burden, because we feel the full responsibility of creating respecting his way of being.
The graphics of Alex Zanardi's helmets - cars, bikes and motorcycles - like those of his hand bikes, wheels, instruments, always have something crazy. He has always given us carte blanche for the image of his helmets and we have given substance to our creativity, inserting in its graphics the K-3D, the metal-K and various distinctive elements.

Full name : Zanardi Alessandro

Category : Drivers

Occupation : Racing Man