Diversity and difference are our guiding principles.
Our approach is tailored and unique to each client.

  • Effects
  • Kolors
  • The painting process always starts from empathy at Kaos Design: know and understand exactly our customers' desires and expectations, is the origin of our styling projects.

    Each painting phase is ruled by a unique procedure and a strict quality control verifies each different production stage. All employed materials are lab tested and high quality guaranteed in order to verify and assure their endurance and physical features. Kaos Design historical know-how can be adopted for different devices and supports such as: motorcycles, hemlets, supercars, vintage cars, boats, helicopters, art pieces, musical instruments, jewels, furniture.

    No imperfections at Kaos Design.

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  • The study of color is the cornerstone of our painting department and it’s implemented with the eyes of art, physic, chemistry, psychology, history and trends. So all the countless shades and tints follow a project and a style that enhance them.

    Colors are the expression of personality and, like lineaments, follow the changes of emotions: Kolors represents the huge archive of experiences and researches made through years by Kaos Design and it’s the fundamental incipit of every project in painting department.

    “Each color that we see comes from the influence of his close one”

    Claude Monet

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